April 19-21, 2022
Pacifico Yokohama, Japan


・Acquisition of scattering and fluctuation information
・Imaging through scattering medium
・Imaging through fluctuation medium
・Acquisition of scattering and fluctuation information
・Scattering and fluctuation modeling
・Computational imaging
・Transmission/reflection matrix
・Single-pixel imaging
・Ghost imaging
・Deep learning and Machine learning
・Non-line-of-sight imaging
・Deep live-cell imaging
・Deep optical cell manipulation
・Whole living brain imaging
・Adaptive optics
・Wavefront measurement
・Wavefront shaping
・Digital phase conjugation
・Spatial light modulation and deep biometry
・Observational astronomy
・Next-generation communications
・Nondestructive testing
・Ultrasound imaging
・Photoacoustic imaging
・Spatial information communication
・Modulation and coding
・Pointing, acquisition, and tracking
・Atmospheric propagation
・Transmitters and receivers
・Terrestrial networks
・Quantumn communication
・High-contrast imaging of exoplanet


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