April 19-21, 2022
Pacifico Yokohama, Japan


・Imaging through scattering media
・Imaging through fluctuating media
・Wavefront sensing
・Wavefront shaping
・Digital phase conjugation
・Transmission/reflection matrix approaches
・Scattering and fluctuation theory
・Scattering and fluctuation modeling
・Diffuse optical imaging
・Computational imaging
・Single-pixel imaging
・Ghost imaging
・Deep learning and machine learning
・Non-line-of-sight imaging
・Deep live-cell imaging
・Deep optical cell manipulation
・Live brain imaging
・Ultrasound imaging
・Photoacoustic imaging
・Nondestructive testing
・Adaptive optics
・Observational astronomy
・High-contrast imaging of exoplanet
・Spatial light modulation and deep biometry
・Next-generation communications
・Spatial information communication
・Modulation and coding
・Pointing, acquisition, and tracking
・Atmospheric propagation
・Transmitters and receivers for communication
・Terrestrial networks
・Quantum communication
・Other related areas